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Curbed's Hotels Week Starts NOW! Plus, A Chance To Win $500

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Pack those bags and get ready for a five-day trip through Los Angeles's hotel scene—Curbed's second annual Hotels Week begins right this second. We'll be going inside Ktown's trendiest new hotel, staying a night in a no-tell motel, and finding hotel rooms that won't break the bank. And of course, we'll update the Hotel 18 to answer the question "Where should I stay in Los Angeles?"

As always, we're open to your tips and suggestions. Do you have a hotel horror story? Are you watching a new hotel rise in your neighborhood? Is there a crazy amenity that we should know about? Please send your stories, tips, and photos to the tipline.

This year, for the first time ever, Hotels Week also includes an Instagram contest worth $500 to sweeten the pot. Have an awesome hotel photo to share—perhaps one with spectacular interiors or architecture? (Exhibit A: the photo above.) The steps are as follows:

1. Follow @curbeddotcom on Instagram.
2. Instagram your hotel photo, and be sure to tag @curbeddotcom in the caption.
3. On Thurs., March 27, we'll re-gram our favorites (and publish them on Curbed National).
4. On Fri, March 28 at 4 p.m. EST, the photo with the most "likes" will be crowned as the winner, earning its photographer a $500 gift certificate to a hotel of their choice.

For those who have a not-so-beautiful experience at a hotel, we want to hear about those horror stories, too. Tweet using #hotelsweek—we'll be mining the hashtag for the best and brightest tales.

Away we go!

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