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Mixed-Use Apartments Headed to De Longpre and Highland

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There's been a lot of buzz (and questions) about the long-silent lot on Highland Avenue between De Longpre and Leland ever since construction crews started moving around a couple months back, and now we're finally getting a look at what's to come for the spot. The site sold years ago to developer Lennar, and, while once slated for condos, got approvals in 2013 for 76 apartments and groundfloor retail. Now, via Building LA, we're seeing that the busy corner can expect a six-story mixed-use building (holding strong at 76 units), replete with a roof-top hangout zone, including the requisite gym, pool, pool deck, and club room.

1411 N. Highland, as the project's referred to in the promo materials, would have one-and-a-half floors of underground parking (143 spaces), though it's being pushed as a pedestrian-friendly development in an increasingly walkable neighborhood. Those same materials anticipate at least a partial opening in August 2015 (though BLA says it could be early 2016), which might explain why construction has recently jumped into gear.
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