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Boozy Hotel Proposed Next to Vista Theatre in Los Feliz

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[Unconfirmed renderings of the proposed hotel via Save Los Feliz]

On March 5, the Los Feliz Neighborhood Council heard a presentation for a very boozy new hotel at the intersection of Hillhurst Avenue and Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards, in a building that is currently housing commercial/office space and the popular Good Luck Bar (which will not be converted, according to city documents). As seen in the agenda for that meeting, the proposed hotel would have 17 rooms and two restaurants (one of them set to include a "gourmet take-out market" too). One restaurant would offer a full line of alcohol; the one with the market would have alcohol sales and "off-site privileges." The hotel hopes to have on-site sales of a full line of alcohol for its overnight guests as well. Because the building is currently office space, the hotel will have to get conditional use permits to operate, but some neighbors are already balking at the prospect of so many spots to buy alcohol on one corner.

In fairness, it might just be one neighbor who's so strongly against the hotel. We've received a couple of tips about a website called SaveLosFeliz, which comes out firmly AGAINST a corner with multiple bars (remember, the Good Luck Bar is already there) or a hotel, which it imagines as a noisy, debauched traffic generator. (We can't find any information about how many parking spots the hotel is expecting to have, but SaveLosFeliz claims there will be just 10 available on the street.) The website creator is asking that a full environmental impact report be prepared for the development (which so far has only generated a mitigated negative declaration, a less comprehensive report that developers can sometimes elect to do instead of an EIR), and also that a study be conducted on the possible impact of adding four new alcohol licenses to the corner.

The tipsters who wrote in to Curbed about the possible hotel seemed annoyed, or at the least bemused, about the person or people fighting the hotel, described by one tipster as "an anonymous person [who] has been littering nearby streets with flyers protesting." Both tipsters agreed that the hotel/bar/eateries sounded reasonable to them. The developer's rep listed on the city's zoning website hasn't returned calls, but the images from the SaveLosFeliz site shows a neon sign, rooftop action, and hilarious cartoony car pile-up, though we can't say yet how accurate any of that is.
· Save Los Feliz [Official Site]