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LA's Storybook Bungalow Courts, Where the Wealthy Live

[Residential towers are sprouting up all over South Park in Downtown LA. Here's a proposed 28-story condo tower at Eleventh & Hope.]

This Week's Top Stories: Of the 1,000 wealthiest neighborhoods in America, 55 of them are in Los Angeles County, lead by Beverly Park and the Hill section of Manhattan Beach. Speaking of stinking rich, Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen built a $50 million dollar mansion estate from the ground up in Brentwood, then decided they'd rather live in Boston. In "isn't that interesting" news, actor Vince Vaughn bought fired USC coach Lane Kiffin's faux-Craftsman tract-homish style house in Manhattan Beach for $6.5 million. Maybe it's time you had a talk with your grammy and gramps and explained that building density next to transit stations isn't a bad thing and will provide a place for you to live since they're going to hang on to their single family home until the end of time. All hail Downtown's newest proposed skyscraper - a 50 story condo tower at Eight and Olive that looks like a lighter. An artsy, Danish storybook bungalow court in Koreatown designed by artists Einar C. Petersen is now available for you to buy for $1.425 million. Speaking of storybook bungalows, Curbed Features presents the story of one woman's efforts to save a 1920's storybook courtyard property in the Hollywood Hills.