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Glassy Laurel House by Bissner & Zook Comes Part-Restored

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We first made the acquaintance of this striking mid-century modern in Laurel Canyon last June, when it hit the market for the first time in several decades. Designed under post-WWII constraints by Pasadena architects Harold Bissner and Harold Zook, the 1947 residence originally measured in at an efficient 700 square feet but was subsequently expanded to 1,600. Features of the one-bedroom, two-bath property include a "serpentine stone staircase, desert-stone fireplace, oak floors," walls of glass, a lagoon pool, and terraced gardens. Per the listing, the house "requires further restoration," but "architectural plans are available for a contemporary addition sited on a large flat building pad above the existing house." Last sold for $1.05 million, it's now asking $1.295 million.

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