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Cornerspotted: 5440 Crenshaw Boulevard in Hyde Park

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Yesterday's Cornerspotter caused quite a lively discussion! Larchmont, Beverly Grove, and Koreatown were all thrown out as likely possibilities, but our hats are off to Ron Cole for being the first to correctly identify that this row of stores was on the 5400 block of Crenshaw Boulevard in Hyde Park, and for placing the Owl Drugstore at 5440 Crenshaw.

Though the awnings make it hard to see what's going on on the first floor, the second story and the roofline are still very similar to those seen in the black-and-white picture, as alangregg pointed out. The bootery, drugstore, and frock shop are gone, but the building appears to still be a bustling commerce center. We hope they still have that enormous owl somewhere.
· Hint: Where Was This Owl Drugstore in the Late 1930s? [Curbed LA]