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Glendale Could Get an LA River Bridge to Griffith Park

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The LA River is already getting a showstopping orange bridge to connect Cypress Park and Elysian Valley, plus an "iconic" one connecting Griffith Park to Atwater Village, but now there are rumblings that Glendale might be getting a bridge connecting it to Griffith Park. According to the LA Times, the Glendale City Council has hired an engineering firm to look into building one or two bridges (theoretically connecting to Griffith Park or Atwater Village) for an estimated cost of $10 million. We first heard about bridges over the river two years ago, when the first phase of this ambitious and long-overdue three-part project—the half-mile Glendale Narrows Riverwalk park with trails and recreation space—opened near Bette Davis Park. The second phase (due to be funded by LA County and the state) should extend the phase one trail over a storm drain and includes a pedestrian bridge; the third phase might see structures spanning the river, but already has a few hurdles to jump: It doesn't have any funding (yet), and it's not popular with the mayor of Glendale, who's said flat out that he "does not support a bridge over the river."
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