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Before and After: Inside Vincente Minnelli's Abandoned Mansion

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[Before images via Architectural Digest]

A few weeks ago we peeked inside the disheveled, abandoned French Regency mansion in Beverly Hills that was once home to Vincente Minnelli (and is now home to, from the looks of it, squatters). For years the 1925 house was at the heart of a legal battle between Vincente's daughter Liza Minnelli and his widow Lee Minnelli; it sold in 2006 but the new owners never did much with it. Now, a helpful tipster has shared some photos from an old Architectural Digest spread that show the house when it was an active residence for Minnelli. So many of the elements that appear in the AD feature are still there today (just in much worse condition) and many of the photos from the spread can be matched up with present-day snapshots, underscoring just how much the house has fallen into disrepair.

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