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Embattled Valley Strip Club Angling For Nabe Council Takeover

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[Image via Daily News]

The manager of Xposed Gentlemen's Club, a much-maligned nude strip club in the Valley that the LAPD once tried to shut down, was elected to a retail/business rep seat on the Canoga Park Neighborhood Council, says the Daily News. There seems to be a rash of civic engagement ripping through the club; its owner and a man who's "an electrician, manager and security guard" also ran (unsuccessfully) for slots on the council. It's quite a feat that anyone associated with the club won any community support, considering that, up until this past January, the LAPD had been campaigning the zoning board to shut the club down after receiving 66 calls to the property over two years to respond to charges of "prostitution, pandering, assault, battery and theft," as well as a shooting.

Ultimately the zoning commissioner found that the evidence didn't pinpoint the club as the source of the trouble (the business adjoins a bikini bar and is located in the same complex as a lingerie shop, a marijuana dispensary, a sex toy shop, a liquor store, and a parking lot), so the club stayed open. At the zoning hearing, the owner of the club said he was "taking steps" to make the area around the club safer. He already had 96 security cameras and security guards, so the next logical step was to become involved in city government.

Xposed manager/neighborhood rep Avi Feinstein says his priority will be making Canoga Park friendlier to businesses.
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