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1921 Hansel & Gretel Bungalow Court in Ktown For Sale For First Time Ever For $1.45 Million

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Step inside Ktown and it can be like stepping into another country, but usually that country is Korea. In this case, you will find yourself in a quaint Danish village with thatched roof cottages and stone pathways. Los Angeles, you are quite the matryoshka doll. On the market for the first time ever is the fanciful, storybook-style Einar C. Petersen Studio Court on Beverly near Kingsley, now neighboring a Korean seafood restaurant and a thrift shop. Petersen, a Denmark native, was a muralist in LA for many years and was prolific in Downtown; a mural he painted at the Rosslyn Hotel was on eBay a while back, but most of his other works (like a mural at the original Clifton's) have been lost. In 1921, Petersen designed this Hansel-and-Gretel-style bungalow court, his first (and only) architectural project, according to Loopnet, with the aim of reproducing the look of his Danish hometown.

Petersen kept a studio here until his death in 1986, and naturally the charming little court attracts other free-spirited, creative types; the current listing photos for the five-building, six-unit complex (plus office space) reveal paintings in progress and completed, a stripper pole, and so many hand drums. The complex has been in the family for decades, and is a designated city historic-cultural monument (#552). It's asking $1.45 million.

· 4350 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90004 [Official Site]
· 4350 Beverly Blvd. [Loopnet]