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45 Townhouses and Retail Headed For Eagle Rock/York

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Eagle Rock has been fingered as the next Highland Park, and it's apparently prepping for an influx. The latest: Developers Urban Village are planning to put 45 townhouses onto a nearly two-acre site just west of York at Eagle Rock Boulevard,reports Eastsider LA, noting that this is one of the largest new housing developments in the neighborhood in years. Urban Village will be able to get 45 units onto this parcel using the small lot subdivision ordinance, which allows lots of houses on a single site. A couple of existing structures will be demolished to make way for these closely-built houses, but the new buildings will include space on the Eagle Rock Boulevard side for seven retail spots, which the developer's site says might be used for "fine grain retail stores" (sounds fancy!). Nearby, another small lot subdivision idiotically called Pr15m started work in January, and an unpopular hillside development is due for hilly Mt. Royal Drive.
· Developer wants to build a big, small-lot project in Eagle Rock [Eastsider LA]