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Awesome Video Flies Over LA and Saves the Day With Superman

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Here's some inspiration for Warner Bros. to set the next Superman movie in Los Angeles: a three-minute movie/GoPro camera ad featuring the Man of Steel gliding over the city, with some fabulous shots of Dodger Stadium, the Griffith Observatory, and Downtown. Played by Wil Sterling, Superman is on a mission to return a misplaced camera (which records his journey), but also finds time to beat up some bad guys in Little Tokyo, glide over the Wilshire Grand pit, and save a woman from a fire in Santee Village. We imagine the movie was made with the much-hyped GoPro, but however they did it … damn.

· Superman With a GoPro [YouTube]

Santee Village

738 South Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014 Visit Website

Dodger Stadium

1000 Vin Scully Ave, , CA 90012 Visit Website