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Inside the Just-Finished Brentwood Megamansion That Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen Are Selling For $50 Million

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TMZ broke the news today that Patriot Tom Brady and model Gisele Bundchen are selling the megamansion—complete with moat—that they just finished building last year in gated Brentwood Country Estates. (We should've known; an Architectural Digest feature is the celebrity version of a big red "for sale" lawn sign.) So now that we have these juicy listing photos, what's it like inside the gigantic and rarefied domain of two people who make their livings off their bodies? Bland as heck. Beige. Highly inoffensive. Lot of fireplaces. The main house is 13,890 square feet, with five bedrooms and nine bathrooms, and is clad entirely in "imported limestone." It could have been designed by no one other than LA's king of the tasteless megamansion, Richard Landry (whose motto if we're not mistaken is "let them eat imported limestone"). The 3.6-acre property also includes a ridic home gym, an infinity pool, a waterfall and pond, etc. etc. TMZ says they spent four years and $40 million building this place. They're selling for $50 million.

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