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Buy TV Pitchman Ron Popeil's Historic Ranch for $4.995 Million

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Prodigious inventor/TV pitchman extraordinaire/Ronco founder Ron Popeil, whose face is recognizable across generations for his ads for products including the Showtime Rotisserie ("Set it and forget it!), is selling his 150-acre Rancho Quinta Ladera in Santa Barbara's San Marcos Pass. The massive ranch, established by President McKinley in 1897, is criss-crossed by riding trails and covered by old oak trees, boasts the listing, plus furnished with a riding area, riding pens, a barn, a guesthouse and pool. But wait ... there's more! The main house on the property is a charming 1898 adobe with five rooms and three bathrooms, although the listing photos don't provide a very good look inside. We don't blame anyone for focusing on those jaw-dropping vistas, but hopefully this property isn't being marketed to people who might raze the historic house and plop down a McMansion. How much would you pay for all of this? The asking price is $4.995 million.

· RANCHO QUINTA LADERA [Truly Great Homes]