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Hard Rock Founder Flips Elvis's Trousdale House For $14.5MM

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Elvis Presley's French Regencyish home in the fancy Trousdale Estates section of Beverly Hills has been on quite the rollercoaster since it popped onto the market in the fall of 2012. The house, built in 1958, sold for $9.8 million in December that year to Peter Morton, founder of the Hard Rock Cafe. ($3.195 million below the asking price.) Immediately there were rumors that Morton wanted to tear down the house and, though these plans were never official, the issue quickly became fraught: It turned out that the house was designed by Rex Lotery, listed on Bev Hills's newly-adopted Master List of Architects Whose Work Shall Not Be Harmed (ok, the list isn't that powerful, but it's a factor in preservation). Then, just last month, the house was up for rent for $45,000 (!!!), but now, the ever-reliable Real Estalker tells us that the house has sold (off-market, of course) for $14.5 million (and a tidy profit) to a "mysterious corporate entity."

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