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Supposed Robert Stacy-Judd Flip in Sunset Plaza Asking $2MM

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In its previous outing on the market, this 1930s residence on Sunset Plaza Drive was described as a "major fixer" as well as "possibly a Frank Lloyd Wright architectural home." The listing had only one photo in its gallery, and that was of a patch of dirt. The copy also noted that "rehab was started 3 years ago, then stopped half way." Sold for $950,000 in August 2011, the two-story house has flipped back to market, but this time out, it's being touted as a "rare offering from Robert Stacy-Judd," specifically the Stoefen Residence, "a synthesis of style fusing Mayan and Aztec architecture, and Art Deco precedents as influences." The description goes on to explain that "Mayan hieroglyphs adorn the exterior facade as an homage to Frank Lloyd Wright," leaving as a mystery the question of whom the house's kooky, multi-hued cabinetry and vessel sinks pay tribute to. Sited on a 6,411-square-foot lot, the property now features three bedrooms, three and a half baths, hardwood floors, a fireplace, a home theater, and a new pool with spa. Asking price is $1.995 million.

· 1670 Sunset Plaza Drive [Official Site]