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Here's the 50-Story Condo Skyscraper Headed to Eighth & Olive

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This 50-story mixed-use tower by recently-prolific Downtown developers Onni Group may not be architecturally exciting—it looks a lot like a giant plastic cigarette lighter posted up at the corner of Eighth and Olive—but next to what will be Onni Group's 32-story tower, it at least makes a good pairing. (Onni's other tower can be seen in some of the renderings, very much in the shadow of what Building LA points out is "amongst the tallest residential buildings in the state of California.") The giant glass-and-concrete building might help keep Downtown a little cooler too: when the 589-unit structure is completed, it's expected at certain times of the year to cast a shadow that will stretch across several blocks, all the way to Main and Seventh Streets.

The development will also include a five-story parking podium with a green rooftop park and a two-story townhouse building right on Olive. The ground floor will host 4,500 square feet of retail space. In addition to 888 Olive, this new tower could be walking distance from a glorious Whole Foods. NoSoPa marches ever forward.
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