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New Sunset/Vine Mixed-User Will Incorporate Historic Theater

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UPDATED 6:14 pm: A block away from the proposed Hollywood Palladium Residences, Sunset and Vine is getting another (much shorter) mixed-use development, the seven-story, 217-unit Essex Hollywood. What it lacks in height, it makes up for in retail space: the Essex will have 51,000 square feet of groundfloor space for shops or restaurants. According to Building LA, the new building is designed to "incorporate and preserve" the historic 1930s-era Carroll Theatre next door. (The Carroll has a Nickelodeon on Sunset sign out front these days.) The location of this project, a couple blocks north of the future site of Kilroy Realty's huge mixed-use campus on the old Academy Museum lot, just adds to the feeling that Vine, once considered "the redheaded stepchild to Hollywood and Highland," is on the rise. Update: A rep for the developer tells us these renderings and details are for an old version of the project and that they've recently submitted a new application to the city. Update: A rep for the Essex said that current designs for the project plan for 4,700 square feet of commercial space on Sunset with 200 apartments above.

In information from the rep, the name "The Essex" is not used. The development is referred to as "The Project, which still includes the Carroll Theater (to be used as commercial and office space). The development will contain a variety of units: 68 studios, 107 one-bedrooms, 20 two-bedrooms, and five three-bedrooms. The Project is also making nine units of the 200 affordable to very low income tenants. The density bonus means they get to dial back the number of parking spaces they have. (They already plan for 216, which seems excessive with the subway just a couple blocks up.) In all, the total floor area of the new mixed-use building will be nearly 180,00 square feet.
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