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Developer Wants Fault Under Hollywood's Blvd6200 Erased

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The Eastown mixed-user, the first piece of the big Blvd6200 mixed-use complex in Hollywood, is a little freaked out that the state says it's sitting right on top of a fault line. The California Geological Survey released a draft map in January indicating a fault runs right underneath the under-construction project, which could make it more susceptible to collapse in an earthquake. Now, developer Clarett West is asking the state geologist to get an eraser out and "either delete that section of the fault or move it farther north on its new proposed zoning map," the LA Times reports.

Clarett has just done its own studies this week and says it'll send its findings to the state, which plans to release a final fault map this summer. Clarett wants to do further testing, though trenching—considered the gold standard of seismic testing (and what's going on over at the nearby planned site of the Millennium Hollywood towers)—is out of the question since the project is nearly finished. The state geologist doesn't believe Clarett has yet shown their map is inaccurate, and points out that they've found evidence including uneven groundwater levels and fractured bedrock.

The interesting thing is, regardless of where the fault is, Eastown can still open its 535 apartments since it was approved before the fault was mapped. But Clarett may be arguing with the geologist because of the PR issue; some renters would certainly have reservations about living above a much-publicized fault. No word yet on the current map's effect on Eastown's second phase, planned for the massive parking lot south of Hollywood Boulevard—the fault doesn't run under that space, but it may be near enough to complicate a, ahem, groundbreaking.
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