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Cute and Well-Priced Pad Renting in "Residential Hipster Area"

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Via our old pal Craig S. List comes word of a rather intriguing rental opportunity in Highland Park. Per the posting, up for grabs is the lower unit of a 1932 Spanish-style duplex located in the neighborhood's Mt. Angelus section, which the ad helpfully/parenthetically informs us is a "residential hipster area." The 1,000-square-foot unit features one bedroom, one bath, refinished hardwood floors, a fireplace, French doors, a washer/dryer, "a deck with valley views," and an enclosed garage. Monthly rent is a surprisingly reasonable $1,450.

· $1450 / 1br - 1000ft² - 1932 Highland Park/Mt Angeles Hillside Spanish Mediterranean Duplex [Craigslist]