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Mapping Los Angeles's Non-Car Commuters by Neighborhood

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Oh, map nerds, you make everything fun, even which neighborhoods have the most terrible commutes. This latest interactive map from Better Institutions charts something much less upsetting: which areas of LA County—down to the census tract—have the most residents who use non-car forms of transportation (walking, biking, motorcycles, public transit) to get to work. (We previously mapped just bike commuters by census tract.) The darker the area, the more bikers, walkers, and public transit users live there; it also gives a breakdown of what kinds of transport are used, and by how many commuters. Immediately visible on the map are the islands of purple around UCLA and USC, where college students, faculty, and staff are likely pushing up the stats. But it's not just students: parts of working-class Westlake has an incredible concentration of non-car users and the highest concentration of public transit riders in the county—80 percent.

While LA's doing an above-average job of using alternative transportation to get around, it will be interesting to see how the map darkens once the (possibly troubled) Expo and Gold Line extensions are up and running. Here's the non-car commuter map; click on a census tract to see how many people are biking, walking, or taking transit; Better Institutions has another map showing walking rates by neighborhood too.

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