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How LA is Making it Simple to Create New Parklets and Plazas

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This month and next, park/pedestrian advocate (and LADOT/city of LA collab) People St is accepting applications for people who want to use street space and a kit of pre-selected designs to build a parklet or plaza in any neighborhood anywhere in Los Angeles. "The goal of these kits is to help anyone get them off the ground as quickly as possible," says CoExist; it's part of Mayor Garcetti's Great Streets Program to make LA's streets more people-friendly and already has its poster child in Silver Lake's newly-permanent Sunset Triangle Plaza.

People St's website walks people through the application process, and, once approved, projects can move forward immediately (with no other annoying planning hurdles). Each incredibly detailed downloadable kit includes every last thing a person would need to make a plaza or a park, down to the specs for benches and links to vendors for every piece.

For plazas, the kit lists paint colors and patterns that are approved for painting on the ground; LADOT will also kick in to help defer costs for four lucky plazas. Those who'd prefer a parklet have the same resources at their disposal, plus nine varied designs to choose from. Approved projects will be up for a year, at which point they'll have to reapply to stay in place.

· DIY Kits To Help Build Your Own Mini-Park Anywhere There Is Space On The Street [CoExist]