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Buy the Cheviot Hills House Made Famous on Modern Family

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The listing for this four-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bathroom residence in Cheviot Hills carefully walks you through the eight-year-old house's crown molding and mahogany floors, leading you to the kitchen where it notes the Viking range and marble countertops, eventually taking you out to the backyard patio through the house's French doors. It does all of this before it tells you that, oh yeah, this house plays the role of the Dunphys' house on the Golden-Globe-winning TV show, Modern Family. Ok, so it's just the exterior that's used on MF, but that's something! (The interiors are shot on soundstages.) The house's current owner says he collects a nice fee from ABC each time they film the outside of the house, reports the Wall Street Journal, and the listing agent adds that the new owners could choose to allow the filming to continue. You might have to contend with Modern Family superfans stopping by, but that could be fun. Considering it? The asking price is $2.35 million.

· 10336 Dunleer Dr [Coldwell Banker]