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Palm Springs Getting Reproduction Mid-Century Eichler Houses

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[Images via DesignMilk]

Just as Palm Springs's Modernism Week has glamorously wrapped, our pals at Curbed National hear that there may be some new/old Joseph-Eichler-style modernism making its way to that classy corner of the desert for the first time ever. KUD Properties, a PS-based developer, has made an agreement to license original plans by the prominent mid-century developer to build a brand new Eichler house. Depending on how it's received, it's possible that KUD could build up to a neighborhood's-worth of the houses. (No word on which one of the designs will be used for the trial run.)

Eichler, who built housing tracts in Granada Hills, Orange, and elsewhere, has a devoted cult following; CN has previously pointed out that "out of more than 11,000 houses with name-dropping rights, it's commonplace that only 10 to 20 [Eichlers] are on the market at a time." Will the vintage deadstock version be in as high demand?
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