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California's 10 Most Expensive Cities For Car Insurance All in LA

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A Glendale driver pays on average $1,823 a year on car insurance—62 percent more than the average cost of annual premiums for basic liability car insurance in California, reports KPCC, citing a study that looked at insurance costs in 270 zip codes in the state. The top 10 most expensive cities for car insurance are all in southern Los Angeles County, thanks to the perfect storm of soul-sucking congestion, a high level of car theft, and a higher incidence of accidents in general. Glendale's premiums are especially high because many accidents in the city involve underinsured or uninsured drivers, plus "there are more accidents that result in bodily injury there," explained the study's coauthor. Chill out a little, Glendale drivers.

Here are the most expensive cities for car insurance in California:

- Glendale: $1,823/year per single driver
- Los Angeles: $1,623
- Inglewood: $1,593
- Culver City: $1,556
- Santa Monica: $1,537
- Burbank: $1,481
- Compton: $1,476
- Alhambra: $1,469
- Hawthorne: $1,455
- Monterey Park: $1,415
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