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Huge Hollywood Target Rising Even With a Lawsuit Underway

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Whoa, the intersection of Sunset and Western—a still-mostly-forlorn spot—is already much-changed thanks to the mammoth Target complex under construction. Even though there's still a legal battle raging with the very litigious La Mirada Avenue Neighborhood Association (the trial started last month), the store is on track to open in less than a year, Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell said in his recent State of Hollywood speech. Doug Haines of the La Mirada group says the current iteration of the store—which has a mix of parking and retail on the first floor, more parking on the second, and the actual store on the third level—is too big and it's all Mayor Garcetti's fault.

"Garcetti [as councilmember] didn't want something that fit in the community … He wanted something that set a precedent so there could be massive buildings along Sunset Boulevard," Haines told Park La Brea News recently. Haines and his ilk said they'd be ok if the store was one story with underground parking; Target says building a store to those dimensions would not pencil out. The Minnesota-based chain has been going back and forth with La Mirada for years over this store, which was first proposed in 2008, approved in 2010, then delayed by La Mirada and their lawyer Robert Silverstein, who managed to get Target to prepare a full environmental impact report for the project. Now Hollywood can finally see those cheap sundries on the horizon (and that stripmall it replaced in oblivion).
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