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Hollywood Forever Cemetery Pays $50k a Month in Water Bills

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It's not a secret that your lush lawn is costing you a boatload of money each year (hence the LADWP's offer to pay you to rip it out), but imagine if your lawn were 62 acres and you were contractually obliged to keep it as lush and beautiful as the day Rudolph Valentino was buried. Then you'd be in the same position as Tyler Cassity, owner of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, whose bills "[d]uring the summer, well always, at this point ... range from 30,000 to 50,000 dollars" every month, reports KPCC. And that's not because he's forgetting the sprinklers are on.

Hollywood Forever has been using drought-tolerant grass varieties (including Marathon and St. Augustine) and is always on the lookout for types that require less water; Cassity says Gikuyu "stays green the longest for the lowest amount of water." The cemetery is also shrinking down its reflecting lake, which is already only 18 inches deep now. It's supposed to be getting even shallower soon.

In addition to conserving, the cemetery's also using funds from Cinespia movie screenings (which they've long used to fund repairs to the once-decrepit graveyard) to help pay for the water bills, and "a fraction" of each final resting place sold goes toward keeping the water flowing ... forever.
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