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Union Station's Big Signage Overhaul Includes Real-Time Info

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Metro has been plotting some major upgrades for Union Station since it snapped up the 75-year-old beauty three years ago, and we're finally starting to see some of the earliest fixes, with new signage going in starting tomorrow. The Union Station Master Plan will redesign the property's entire layout and prep it for high-speed rail and new nearby mixed-use projects, but meanwhile Metro will start adding new signage to help commuters more easily find bus lines, taxi pick-ups, and nearby Olvera Street. Old concourse gates and that clunky information cabinet will be removed to improve sight lines for travelers, while new LED screens in the large and lovely waiting room will broadcast arrival and departure times (the historic gates and signs will be stored, not dumped).

New outside pylons at three corners will make clear this is Union Station, with directions to bus, train, and cab areas, and a new pylon inside the East Portal will feature four 55-inch interactive screens with internet hook-up. The bus bays will be clearly marked and equipped with real-time arrival information, so no thinking person should ever again get lost or confused trying to find the FlyAway. Amtrak riders will now wait in the seating area, so they don't block people running to the subway, Gold Line, or other trains. Most of the work should wrap by early May.
· Signage project to improve way-finding at Union Station is set to begin March 11 [The Source]

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