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It's Illegal to Play Ball on Sidewalks or in Streets in Los Angeles

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Lists of ridiculous laws have probably been circulating since the invention of the internet, but somehow, this one's successfully stayed below the radar (and mysteriously on the books). It's illegal to "play ball or any game of sport with a ball or football or throw, cast, shoot or discharge any stone, pellet, bullet, arrow or any other missile, in, over, across, along or upon any street or sidewalk or in any public park, except on those portions of said park set apart for such purposes" in Los Angeles, Flying Pigeon bike shop co-owner/activist/blogger Josef Bray-Ali points out. (It's also in the "public hazards" section of the municipal code.) So, basically, nothing fun is allowed in the streets or outside of specially designated park zones (e.g. sports fields). What is this, Footloose? Bray-Ali suggests that a "Legalize Playing" lobby be formed ("I can't believe how ridiculous we are that we need a lobby to make playing legal in LA") to convince the City Council to repeal the law. "It's either that, or childhood remains illegal in Los Angeles."
· Playing ball in Los Angeles is illegal [FP]