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Silver Lake's -Side Debate, Inside the Ace's UA Theatre

[Curbed goes inside the United Artists Theatre at the new Ace Hotel, Downtown. Photo by Elizabeth Daniels]

This Week's Top Stories: Confirming the sky is blue (basically, that is what it confirmed) , a statistical analysis says Los Angeles has the nicest weather in all the land, closely followed by San Diego and Oxnard. The temporarily dormant eastside-westside debate erupted like Krakatoa this week, with the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council voting that Silver Lake is not a part of the eastside. A Dunkin' Donuts franchise in Long Beach planned to remove a giant donut sign as part of its site improvements, but locals protested and now the Dunkin' Donuts will keep the giant donut sign. The yellowish hues of Los Angeles will soon be a thing of the past as new LED street lights will make Los Angeles (specifically the LA you see on screen) a bit blueish. In a moment of "fun with bad ideas", a venture capitalist is proposing to split California into six separate states and that creates the sort of nightmare scenario only a crazy person could love. Curbed looks at the City of Torrance and the history of the "Modern Industrial City" with its residential areas planned by the Olmstead Brothers.