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Watch the Fake History of the Soon-to-Return Glassellland Sign

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Glassell Park's landmark Glassellland sign first popped up last year, just off the Verdugo offramp of the 2, then it disappeared and eventually reappeared off Kinney Street, where it welcomed the 'hood's visitors and residents until it was removed last November. The sign was popular and well-liked—Google acknowledged it—and now artist Justin Stadel has already surpassed his $500 goal on Indiegogo to bring the sign back in a new, very secret location ("close to the prior location with owners who have authorized placement of the sign"). Anything above the $500 will now go toward "a comprehensive support structure, long-term maintenance, and solar-powered lighting." For the campaign he also produced this video featuring "Andrew Glassell V," the "grandson" of the neighborhood's namesake, and weaving a backstory for the sign of tuna sandwiches, bromance, and pyrotechnics; true or not (mostly not), it's a fun watch. We can't wait to see where this amazing sign will pop up and how many Ls it will have this time around.

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