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Mapping How Much It's Rained in Every Part of Los Angeles

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Los Angeles got a little bit of rain in the past day (and a little bit more in the past week), but as a National Weather Service meteorologist tells the LA Times today "This really hasn't done much for us in terms of putting a dent in anything in terms of the drought." Last year was the driest year on record in Los Angeles and scientists are starting to worry California is in a megadrought (and they know it's in the worst drought in hundreds of years). This "rain year" (since July 1), Downtown LA has gotten 1.2 inches, when normally it'd have 8.71 by now. And that's the story all across the county, as you can see in the Department of Public Works's real-time rainfall map, with data for weather stations from Lancaster down to Rolling Hills and everywhere in between. Up above is the rainfall over the past 24-hours; below you can see the seven-day map and a gut-punching comparison between the total rainfall for the season and the normal rainfall for the season. But then, what we're seeing now could be "the new normal in the Western U.S. by 2030," according to a 2012 study. There's a tiny chance of rain tomorrow.

"Before" is this season; "after" is a normal season.
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