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Terminal Island Will Return to its Fish Processing Roots

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History is repeating. As they say over at the Daily Breeze, "[t]here was a time when San Pedro was awash in the pungent smell of tuna fish," and, apparently, the location is still prime for the trade: Officials recently announced the return of fish processing to three of the non-historic buildings that used to belong to Chicken of the Sea. The new plant operators, Neptune Foods, will bring as many as 100 jobs and four ships to the port and spend $7.5 million, which Neptune estimates they'll make back in five years or less. Quite a few of the buildings, believe it or not, are officially historic; Terminal Island, credited with catapulting the international canned tuna industry into being and also remembered as a pre-WWII Japanese-American community, is designated as a historic site. The big question: Will kitty-cat cops patrol the cannery?
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