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Cornerspotted: Westwood and Lindbrook in Westwood Village

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That's right, that classy Ralphs is now a Peet's Coffee and pizza place. Commenter Walt! not only got the prize (it's where he buys his coffee), but also dropped the knowledge that it's Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument #360. The structure was once the subject of an Ansel Adams photo shoot: In 1939, Fortune magazine commissioned Adams to take photos of LA's aviation history—he took 217 photos of quotidian scenes like this one, but Fortune didn't run very many of them. In the early '60s, Adams found them lying around his house (he said, "the weather was bad over a rather long period and none of the pictures were very good") and offered them up to the LAPL, if they wanted them. If they didn't, he asked that they be burned. What a loon—it's a great shot.
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