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Buy a Little Manhattan Beach Bungalow Featured in Dwell

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[Images by David Lauridsen, via Dwell Manhattan Beach House]

Like the menus in a restaurant you worry that you can't afford, the recent listing (on Facebook, of all places) for this 900-square-foot bungalow less than a block from the water in Manhattan Beach does not give you a clue about the price. What it does tell you is that this cozy abode makes excellent use of its space, featuring "a full kitchen that can be hidden behind sliding white wood doors that also conceal a pantry," hardwood floors, custom cabinets, and a backyard with outdoor shower so you can wash off the sand, bro. When the house was featured on Dwell's website, they raved about the efficiency and how the streamlining of the space made it feel "feel larger than its square footage might suggest." We're guessing the pricetag—when it's revealed—is also larger than the square footage might suggest.

· Dwell Manhattan Beach House [Facebook]