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Statistically, Los Angeles Has Most Pleasant Weather in the US

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It's official: Los Angeles's weather is awesome. According to data from the last 23 years, compiled by software engineer Kelly Norton (via The Atlantic Cities), the three cities with the most "pleasant" weather in the nation are, in order: Los Angeles, San Diego, and Oxnard. Follow the coast between San Francisco and San Diego and find a jagged line of great weather, averaging about 100 great days a year based on Norton's criteria: The most days a year when "the mean temperature was between (55° F and 75° F), the minimum temperature was above 45° F, the maximum temperature was below 85° F and there was no significant precipitation or snow depth." Los Angeles averaged 183 days a year within those boundaries. The top five cities were all in California, but the big surprise? Drizzly, gray San Francisco was number five. (Maybe that rep needs to be put to rest?) The least pleasant place in the US is also in California, east of Cedarville in the far northeast, where they average only 16 days of nice weather a year. Go explore the interactive map on Norton's site for more.

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