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WeHo West Calls for a Ban on All New Single-Family Houses

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The anti-mansionization frenzy sweeping the area from Burbank to Beverly Grove has now reached a crescendo in West Hollywood West, with residents calling for an immediate moratorium on all two-story single-family house construction until the city sets design guidelines. A screaming match regarding the matter took place at a recent meeting of the West Hollywood West Residents Association, which encompasses the area bounded by Melrose, Beverly, La Cienega, and Doheny. Residents want a neighborhood overlay zone that would establish guidelines on square footage and the distance the house must be set back from the street, and possibly a ban on balconies and roof decks. Hammering out specific rules will take at least a year and many residents are frightened that, in the interim, big, boxy, bland houses will overtake the neighborhood—home to many residences from the '20s and '30s—so they're launching an online petition for a moratorium. WeHo officials have approved 22 new single-family houses since 2010, but a recently-enacted measure allows city planners to consider the neighborhood compatibility before they approve construction of new houses.
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