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Updated: This is Probably Not Conservative Super-Donor Charles Koch's New House

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[Image via Partners Trust]

Updated 2/13: The broker has passed us a note from the house's (still anonymous) owners saying they are not, in fact, the Kochs. We can't confirm either way.

When you're insanely affluent industrialist/massively generous conservative donor Charles Koch and you're number six on the Forbes billionaire list, a $5-million house must seem like a trinket, but this "extraordinary architectural home" in Rustic Canyon was clearly a trinket Koch wanted. He and his wife appear to have bought the five-bedroom, five-bathroom house in December for $5.25 million. (There's only a shadowy corporate name listed as the official buyer, but the always-reliable Real Estalker follows the digital paper trail to Koch Industries). The 5,493-square-foot residence (modest by current standards) has two stories, a gym that looks like a 24 Hour Fitness, and plenty of backyard space for entertaining other billionaires or Tea Party dignitaries.

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