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West Hollywood Getting New Blinky Crosswalks in Boystown

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Cars are supposed to stop when pedestrians enter crosswalks, but many LA drivers are unaware of that fact, simply don't give a shit, or just aren't paying attention. West Hollywood, which is good about giving deference to peds, is trying to make crossing the boulevard less lethal by adding flashing lights to three crosswalks—on San Vicente across from the new library, at Santa Monica Boulevard and Hancock Avenue, and at Santa Monica and Palm Avenue, where westbound cars are usually flying to make the light at Doheny. The new warning lights will double the number of WeHo crosswalks with such safety features; most are on the western side of the city. Before the new lights are installed, the city will spend about six months looking at the visibility at the crosswalks and whether streetlights, signage, and landscaping are also contributing to vehicular/pedestrian collisions by blocking views. Additional safety ideas, like embedding lighting in the pavement and adding stop lights that would force cars to hit the brakes when a pedestrian enters a crosswalk, were deemed impractical by the city council.
· West Hollywood to Install Warning Lights at Three More Crosswalks [WeHoville]