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LA County's Dams Can Now Withstand Serious Earthquakes

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As the city of Los Angeles struggles to solve the problems surrounding privately-owned buildings that could collapse in a major earthquake, LA County's dams are nearly good to go. When events like 1994's Northridge 'quake alerted many branches of government about the need for stronger earthquake regulations, the Department of Public Works jumped right to work and is either finished or finishing work on the 14 major flood control dams in LA County, reports the Daily News. Since 1994, DPW has spent more than $165 million on bringing the dams up to code and the retrofits are due to be completed by 2016. Big Tujunga Dam just north of Montrose received almost $97 million for retrofits to ensure that it can withstand a 7.5 earthquake. As a part of the earthquake-preparedness restrictions, dam reservoirs are not allowed to be more than half full (not really an issue in this extreme drought), reducing pressure on the structure and our chances of being washed away in a dam breach.
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