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Wildly Popular Dodgers Season Tickets Now Going For $984

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Dodgers season tickets just got a whole lot more expensive—140 percent more, says KPCC—because they're suddenly insanely popular. Last week, sales were put on hold because the team said they'd sold more tickets than they had seats. When ticket sales were back up again, seats had jumped from $410 to $984. (It's pretty rare for a team to raise the price of season tickets twice in the same season, points out the LA Times.) The team is seeing record interest in season tickets, which could be because they did so well last season, but more season tickets sold means fewer single-game tickets available. Tickets for individual games are more expensive, too, and you can't get the cheapest seats for many games. The stadium's scheduled to receive some upgrades ahead of the regular season; they'll include more food and bigger entrances, which the stadium is going to need to accommodate all these new season ticket holders.
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