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Here are Disgusting Pics of LAUSD Schools Taken by Teachers

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When voters gave $20 billion in bond money to the LA Unified School District, it was designated for repairs and the building of new schools, which they really, really need. A Facebook page called "Repairs Not IPads" (in reference to the controversial program aiming to eventually give every kid in the district an iPad) agrees, and, says KPCC, they're getting a big response crowdsourcing pictures of repairs that have gone unmade in schools across the city. The anonymous page says it's a place for educators and the community to chronicle the sad state of schools and has so far yielded some cringeworthy images of an ant swarm coming out of a drinking fountain, rat feces in classrooms, roaches everywhere, and non-functioning sinks and water fountains. Since the page went up in December, there've been more than a dozen gross and depressing photos.

· Anonymous LA school employees turn to Facebook to spotlight needed repairs [SCPR]