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Ice Skating is Only Thing Allowed on Culver City Ice Rink Land

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The Culver Ice Arena, one of the last ice rinks in the area and former training grounds for many NHL greats, including Wayne Gretzky, closed down for good yesterday, pushed out by a 100 percent rent hike by the Fresno-based landowners. (According to Hidden Los Angeles, "the rink will remain intact and iced for the time being.") There was enormous public outcry against the closing of the rink, and especially about the subsequent leasing of the land to a company named Planet Granite that wants to turn the rink into a combination yoga/fitness/indoor rock-climbing facility, but there was little that could be done by the city or the citizens about what was essentially a private property issue. Until now!

In an incredible plot twist, it's been discovered that the property in question is zoned exclusively for ice skating and no other business, and would require Planet Granite to get a zoning change to use the property for anything else, reports the Culver City Observer. The rezoning process would likely take months and would have to receive final approval from the city council, which is stocked with ice rink supporters.
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