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Cars Crashing Like Crazy Outside Loyola Marymount Gates

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Loyola Marymount University's had a rash of car accidents in the fall and spring semesters—"three two-car collisions, two single vehicle accidents and one incident involving a car and a pedestrian" (which resulted in a fatality)—not on campus but on Lincoln north of Manchester, just outside the campus gates, says theLA Loyolan. The campus Department of Public Safety chalks the crashes up to speed-demon drivers heading downhill on Lincoln, "coupled with L.A. traffic, rushed drivers and a busy stoplight," and will soon be looking into flashing lights and signage to control speed and improve pedestrian visibility. In light of the concerns, the head of the DPS is also suggesting that students and faculty not park across the street and walk across Lincoln to get to campus. Parking is a touchy subject between the university and the neighbors, who say that the school has created a parking crisis that's left them unable to park on their own streets.
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