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LAX Revives Idea For Huge Car Rental Center in Ghost Town Manchester Square

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LA might someday have a gigantic rental car lot where the Manchester Square neighborhood once stood. The Board of Airport Commissioners is voting Monday to undertake a new study of an old idea that, if approved, would have Los Angeles World Airports (which runs LAX) buying up the remaining properties in Manchester Square (it already owns most of the land in the once-bustling neighborhood, now a ghost town) and overseeing the construction of a huge central rental car lot shared by multiple companies, according to the LA Daily News. Responsibly, they've also been saving up for it: Since 2002, they've taken a $10 tax on every rental car and altogether it's generated $160 million that's earmarked for the rental center project. This consolidated lot would presumably also hook up to LAX's eventual public transit connection, most likely in the form of a people mover. A report is expected to be delivered to the BAC by the end of this year, though the complete study is anticipated to take place over three years.
· LAX expects to spend $3 million to study rental car facility in Manchester Square [DN]

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