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Clear Channel Skirts LA Digital Billboard Ban With 14 New Ones

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Just when we thought we were free of distracting billboards shilling bad movies and fat freezing methods, they're baaaaack. Advertising company Clear Channel Outdoor announced today they are launching 14 new digital billboards in the "greater Los Angeles" area, from the Valley to the Inland Empire, for a total of 33 in greater Los Angeles. Such advertisements are pretty much illegal in the city of Los Angeles and a judge ruled last year that all of Clear Channel's digital billboards had to be turned off, but the company is adding its new digital billboards in satellite cities like Compton, Baldwin Park, Carson, and City of Industry. In a statement, the company argues these billboards generate revenue for cities through fees and licensing, create jobs for tech people and maintenance workers, and provide public safety and emergency response information. We'll add that they create visual blight and distract drivers.
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