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New Modernica Complex Could Provide Frogtown's Gentrification Tipping Point

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Elysian Valley, also known as Frogtown (originally nicknamed as such for a glut of toads in the riverfront neighborhood) has been keeping a good pace toward economic revitalization. The industrial neighborhood's taking in a lot of post-industrial adaptive reuse in vacant factory spaces, especially art-based ventures: Successful fine artists have been keen on the 'hood for studios—in which they sometimes build ghostly, terrifying colossi—and it's got its own art walk and community garden. It's primed for full-on gentrification. The newest arty addition to the 'hood might be the tipping point: LA-based furniture firm Modernica, which recently sold its headquarters in the hypergentrified Arts District, is moving into an old Hostess bakery space, vacant since 2012, and planning multiple uses for the complex that include a home for their prop rental business, an organic food distributor, and hopefully a cafe, reports Eastsider LA. (Make some Twinkies while you're in there, guys?)
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