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Mean Moms Want Dogs and Singles Out of Atwater Village Park

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"This 12,000-square-foot park ain't big enough for the both of us" is the message that some Atwater Village residents (mostly #moms) have for the people who bring their unleashed dogs to Glenhurst Park and allow them to defecate with reckless abandon and nip at kids like they were wayward sheep. Eastsider LA says that the Atwater Village Neighborhood Council was recently asked by a group of concerned stakeholders to write a letter to the city requesting that dogs be banished from the park. As the group explained in the draft letter they provided, the health and safety hazards caused by these savage beasts and their waste are causing a travesty: "this park is not serving those for whom it is intended – families with children."

The idea of giving dogs the boot was met with skepticism by the council, which was unsure about whether there really is a dog problem, and further, about how a "dog ban" could be imposed. (You can see how well the existing rule about leashing your dogs and picking up after them is being enforced.) Dog ban opponents say pups in the park is a non-issue and that the space should be for everyone's use. The council didn't send a letter and, in the end, sent the issue back for further committee debate.
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