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Here's the Historic Core Skyscraper and It's Gotten Taller

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Broadway is blowing up on all fronts, but there's always room for one more development, right? Say goodbye to that brown, one-story retail shopping center across from Grand Central Market in the Historic Core, because it's about to be torn down to make way for Broadway @ 4th, a 34-story tower with 450 "extravagant upscale" apartments and groundfloor commercial space. We first heard about the tower last year, but it was touting only 22 stories at the time. How it's grown!

Prolific Downtown developer Izek Shomof, who's behind the proposed condos at the Title Insurance Building and the rehab of the Hotel Alexandria, tells the LA Times that the project will cost $150 million and is now making its way through the city planning channels (the files suggest condos rather than apartments, so Shomof may be able to convert them one day). He hopes to break ground by early 2015. The tower will be designed by Doug Hanson, who also worked on the slow-moving Concerto in South Park.

As its name would suggest, the Historic Core's other buildings are pretty old and much shorter than Broadway @ Fourth, but the high-rise wouldn't be alone in the Core: Barry Shy's proposed SB Omega down at Sixth and Main is supposed to hit 40 stories. Because of their heights, both would be required to be built with steel-reinforced frames and concrete, as opposed to the wood frames that most of the other buildings have.

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