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Neglected Stretch of Hollywood is Becoming Hollywood Village

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Inspired by hip, Scientologist-filled Franklin Village (an official neighborhood since 2007), merchants from the northeastern corner of Hollywood—between Wilton and Western along Hollywood Boulevard—are trying to reinvigorate and rebrand the area by christening it Hollywood Village, reports the Los Feliz Ledger. This dusty section of Hollywood, which has a Red Line stop on its eastern end, has "often been overlooked by the city in favor of nearby hill-dweller's concerns," sighed one area businessman. The idea is that by creating a new community, the stretch of boulevard might draw more city services, like regular street cleaning, sidewalk lighting, and other pedestrian-friendly additions, which would in turn help shops cash in on the gentrifiers who are already moving in, plus prep the area for access to and from future developments along Hollywood Boulevard (1601 Vine, Blvd6200, Millennium Hollywood).

A Hollywood Village Business Group has already started meeting and a "window decals that will bear a new logo" are on the way. The Hollywood United Neighborhood Council and 98 percent of business owners within the designated area are on board, but they'd need a formal City Council motion to be made and approved before they'd get official recognition for the new name.
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